Fenison Family

Descendants of Curt & Lila Fenison

New Website

This is my first post on the new website that just went live for the first time today.   If you are viewing this site in March or April of 2021 then you are seeing the early beginnings and I think there will be much more to come.

I am hopeful that other family members will have something to contribute to the blog.  Any family members reading this, all you have to do is email me your post along with any images you want included in your post.   Or if you are comfortable with WordPress,   register and I will get you set up to post anytime you like.

There are more pages coming to this site.  Chloe is going to get a page 🙂   Someday, hopefully not so soon, Mother will have a page.

So check back often.  And if you have anything to contribute, either ideas for a page or blog post, send it on over.




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